new Dota hero Alleria, The Windrunner

dupa ce au anuntat ca in noua versiune va aparea un erou nou : Captain COCO Dota-Allstars mai pregateste sa lanseze in lupta inca un erou: Alleria, The Windrnner un erou super interesant pe care abia astept sa il incerc :)

Alleria, The Windrunner 


Abilities and Skills
Main Attribute: Ag
Base Stats:
STR: 17 + 1.6 per level
AGL: 22 + 2.5 per level
INT: 14 + 1.7 per level
total: 53 + 5.8 per level
Range = 550
Base Speed = 310
 These are her skills.
Always knocks back the target. If the target hits a group of units or a tree, the struck units (including the target) are stunned for 0/1/2/3 seconds. (700 unit cast distance)

Power ShotPower Shot
Deals 100/200/280/360 damage to all enemies in straight line. The arrow has vision and knocks down trees in the process. (1200 unit cast distance)

Fight in the ShadeFight in the Shade
Each unit in the target AoE loses 15/20/25/30% of its maximum health after 1 second. (600 unit cast distance)

WindrunnerWindrunner (ultimate)
Hero morphs into a cyclone and gains 100% evasion and 55/80/105 increased ms for 10 seconds. The hero is effectively a flying unit, can see over trees, fly over them, etc. She can use all her skills while in this form.


daca vrei sa incerci noul erou downloadeaza dota 6.55_Beta20.w3x

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ZEU5 said...

Mi-a placut acest joc in "tinerete", dse pare ca si lui basshuntre i l-a placut din moment ce a scos si o melodie despre dota. ;)