Starcraft 2 Confirmat!

Veste bună, boieri mari! Angajaţii Blizzard nu prea pot să îşi ţină gura închisă, aşa că de la ei aflăm informaţii mai mult decât ferice pentru noi muritorii. Starcraft 2 este oficial pe lista lor de producţie. În Korea, Blizzard va lansa oficial datele despre Starcraft 2 la Blizzard WWI (World Wide Invitation), AICI aveţi traducerea după ziarul de la Seul unde a apărut ştirea. În continuare, permiteţi-mi să adaug un citat mai mult decât interesant.

It has been confirmed that StarCraft 2 is being developed in 3D, a new race has been added and existing units' characteristics will have many changes. Additional details will only be revealed to certain parts of WWI.

However, trustworthy information is being leaked from previous Blizzard employees, and through an acquaintance of ex-Blizzard North employees, StarCraft 2's development and its announcement at the WWI has been confirmed.

MBC Game's Lee Sang-Ho head said "Frankly, it's half anticipation and half worry. If SC2 is released in a form that is compatible with e-sports broadcast, there will be many new gamers and the entire industry will develop. However if it comes out in a form that is not easy to broadcast, like WarCraft 3, StarCraft fans will focus on the sequel while the original league will suffer a decline", expressing a cautious mindset.

OnGameNet's StarCraft commentator Um Jae-Kyung said "Blizzard has probably already grasped the difference between this nation's gamers and foreign gamers' difference in inclination through WarCraft 3. So I'm hoping for a more balanced structure, a structure with e-sports in mind. However, I believe that the e-sports league will continue to focus on StarCraft and a new league focusing on StarCraft 2 will form, the industry growing bigger as a result. As a gamer, I'm really looking forward to it.

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